Video Ethnography Lesson and Reflection

As I considered what topic to attempt to address through a video ethnography, I struggled a bit. As a Technology Education teacher, I deal with a variety of distinctly different content areas that generally do not have a tremendous amount of overlap.

The more I thought about it, the more I was drawn to the topic of career exploration. One of the primary focuses of CTE courses is providing students with insight into possible career paths. I have found that, when questioned, many students come up short on the details of the career they think they want. Their focus typically being the salary that is possible. The goal of my lesson is to provide the students the opportunity to explore their theoretical careers in greater depth and attempt to evaluate whether or not they really want to follow that path or if the allure of a high rate of pay is hypnotizing them.

As I developed the lesson, I reflected on my own journey through high school and how I came to be an educator. Creating the lesson plan first really helped to guide my reflective practice and what I wanted to include in my video.  Not being one for pictures, I chose to utilize clipart and other illustrated images to tell my story. The musical selection was added as a suggestion by my wife.

Deciding on what to add and what to cut from the process of creating the video was a bit of a struggle even with the guiding principles from the lesson plan. As I was making these decisions, I realized that the small gaps that are present between some of the content could act as discussion points in class and allow the students the opportunity to infer the changes that may have taken place. Since it is my story, I would be able to mediate any discussion about the missing sections and see the variety of thoughts that the students might have about how certain parts of the story came to be.

I created my video using Moovly. I’ve used the software for past projects and I was like the ease of use and the quality of the output from the program. I would like to create a multimodal tutorial for Moovly prior to this lesson in order tfor the students to have something to reference if they choose this medium. I might consider offering extra credit to students that use an alternative presentation software, provided they develop a tutorial for that software that could be shared with the current and future classes.