Technology Integration: Leading the Change

Change is many things and most of those things typically have a negative connotation for most people. Most commonly change is referred to as hard or scary. Along with these less than attractive thoughts, change is also a catalyst for innovation. In the world of education, we have not really changed much over the course of time. Students enter a classroom. The teachers is at the front of the room ready to relay the information for the day. The students complete their work and then get shuffled off to the next class. All of these things happening in each classroom a student enters and each situation occurring in solidarity from the others. For as much as we care about our students and their education, we (educators) are very protective of the space we occupy. We rarely discuss the intricacies of our teaching with each other and lay claim to the time and space in which we teach as our own kingdom of knowledge.

And so the scene is set for the challenge that awaits. Continue reading