Perception and Bias: Yours, Mine, and the “Truth”

There are three versions of every story: yours, mine, and the “truth”. Every individuals account of an event will always be tainted to some degree by their view of the event, their past experiences with similar events, and their personal opinion on the external factors that led up to the event (among many other things). Every time a tale is told the person telling it will in some way place their own emphasis on particular parts, or include what they deem to be pertinent information at the cost of “trivial” facts. This story will then inevitably be heard by a variety of listeners and be interpreted based on the presented information mixed with each individual listeners personal experiences and opinions on the topic. Sadly, this applies to many news outlets as much as it does children on a playground. Whether you get a right wing version of a story or a left wing depends on which channel you happen to have on at the given moment. And the ones that fall in between these extremes still produce a version of the story that may or may not be complete.

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